Thursday, 15 November 2012

5 Alternatives to Open Source LMS - Moodle

In one of my older posts, we saw that Moodle is one of the most preferred Learning Management Platforms in the open source environment (click here to read post). Moodle is more often than not the first to be uttered when people are asked what the open source Learning Management Systems (LMS) options are. Undoubtedly Moodle is a great option – but it’s not the only option. Let’s briefly look at open source alternatives to Moodle. I would encourage you to visit these sites separately as well to explore more.

Dokeos-  is a well featured LMS suite that offers content authoring, learning management, video conferencing and assessment tools. This is a great way to synchronise HR management such as Oracle and SAP.
Sakai  - is a collection of open source tools developed by a large number of universities to provide a supplementary learning environment suitable for on-campus courses and distance learning courses. It is a preferred platform after Blackboard in universities and for online courses.
Docebo - used in corporate and higher education settings. Offers support for a number of different learning models and is compatible with SCORM 1.2 and 2004. It offers interfaces to external systems such as video conferencing and HR systems.
ATutor - is more of an open source LCMS that also offers LMS tools. The “A” stands for Accessible and it has excellent support for key accessibility standards as well as support for SCORM, IMS etc.
OLAT - A well featured system in its tenth year of development. It recently has been the winner of the “IMS Learning Impact ‘Leadership Award’ 2009 for best open source learning platform.”

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