Friday, 28 September 2012


I recently read an article on the principle difference between classical Vs modern education. I remembered my school days when every year I was dumped with tons of books and made to carry a school bag that was heavier than what I weighed! 
Of course, we still do rely on books for education but there has been a paradigm shift in the way education is perceived by all in the present day. Education techniques today emphasize more on an individual’s needs and capacities, more on informal education and applied learning. A student’s learning style is one of the biggest factors for the education system to stylize the learning content and make it more comprehensive and progressive. Electronically supported learning, more commonly called eLearning includes all kinds of electronically supported learning and teaching.   When I say eLearning, it caters to a wide and varied audience. It’s the core to numerous business plans and a service offered by most schools, colleges and universities. More so, with the evolving Web 2.0, eLearning is evolving as well to a degree significant enough to warrant a new name – eLearning 2.0

Monday, 17 September 2012


Hello everyone,

So here I am with my first blog! I am Paramita (pronounced as 'Paromita') and I'm from India. Since the name is long and hard to pronounce, I have had a myriad of nicknames like 'Paro', 'Parameter', 'Barometer' and the list just goes on...sigh! Well, fortunately the meaning of my name is quite profound - it means being virtuous. Paramita was also the name of a Hindu Goddess of music and knowledge.

I have diverse interests in music, art, culture and new trends and my blogs will mostly be a collection of things that interest me. I will be posting my thoughts and more on this page with time.