Monday, 17 September 2012


Hello everyone,

So here I am with my first blog! I am Paramita (pronounced as 'Paromita') and I'm from India. Since the name is long and hard to pronounce, I have had a myriad of nicknames like 'Paro', 'Parameter', 'Barometer' and the list just goes on...sigh! Well, fortunately the meaning of my name is quite profound - it means being virtuous. Paramita was also the name of a Hindu Goddess of music and knowledge.

I have diverse interests in music, art, culture and new trends and my blogs will mostly be a collection of things that interest me. I will be posting my thoughts and more on this page with time.



  1. Hello Paromita,
    This is Hiro Kondo, your classmate in UC Berkeley online course. I also set up my own blog for the first time in my life the other day. by the way, your story about your name was interesting. My name is Hiro, sounds like hero, but meaning of my name is "Guide / Lead". Meaning of name is also really important for all Japanese.

    1. That's a beautiful meaning of your name - Hiro! :-)